Posted by Sally O'Neill on Sep 06, 2019
The Club’s third annual Bridge Day was held on Friday 23 August and was a great success, with 19 tables of bridge players and a net profit of $4,062 made. This means just over $2,000 to each of the beneficiary charities for the day - Rotarians Against Malaria - PNG, and Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale.
The event was held at Northbridge Golf Club, and the service was excellent. Our bridge playing guests loved the venue and the sandwich lunch provided. Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney officially opened the event and told everyone what wonderful projects the Club has been, and is, involved in together with details of where the funds raised are spent. Then two of our Rotarians, Susan Law and Barry Anderson, spoke about the charities of the day, prompting our guests to buy even more raffle tickets. We are very grateful for the many prizes donated to the Raffle by generous Rotarians.
Thank you to the 10 Rotarians who volunteered their help on the day and the ladies who made the delicious cakes and slices for our guests’ lunch. Finally, thanks to Fay and her friend Filanphie who ran the Gift table, showing off Filanphie’s talents as an artist and cook of beautiful chocolates and fudges and to Amy Brittain for donating her homemade jams and bath salts.
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Posted by Karin Eurell on Aug 04, 2019
The Northbridge Rotary Club held its Changeover Dinner recently at the Gunners Barracks in Mosman.  The Presidential chains of office were handed over to Peter Antaw who will serve as President for the next 4 months. This is an unusual  year where the presidential role will be shared by three people. 
Peter Antaw was President of the Club in 2002-3 and, at that time, there were just 2 females amongst the 58 members.  In the article below titled ‘Peter takes over’, he expressed the need for more women in the Club.  This has certainly been achieved.  There are now 13 female members and they were captured on film relaxing and having fun at the dinner.
Later in the evening, Paul Harris Awards were presented to Rob Coote, Kevin Tattrie and Liz Grey for their exceptional contribution to the Club over the past 3+ years.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge is one of the largest and most dynamic Clubs and new members and guests are always welcome.  For more details, please contact email:
North Shore Times, 10 July 2002
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Posted by Karin Eurell on Mar 26, 2019
Saturday May 11 will celebrate the annual community fireworks event organised by the Rotary Club of Northbridge.
Over the past 32 years, community support and attendance at this event has grown to more than 4000 and funds raised will go toward helping local disadvantaged youth and people at risk.
Gates open at the Northbridge Oval, Sailors Bay Road, at 4pm with live music provided by Northbridge and Cammeray Public Schools and Willoughby Girls High School.
There will be rides and other entertainment for the children, including face-painting; hot food from the Rotary BBQ, ice creams, fairy floss, cold drinks and coffee will be available.  The highlight of the evening will be a spectacular fireworks display at 7 pm. 
MC for the occasion is voice over artiste Jake Downs whose father John Downs, a previous President of the Rotary Club, was the first MC 32 years ago!
We wish to extend an invitation to all families to come along; support a great cause, and enjoy a great night out!  Bring a picnic basket and a rug and enjoy the fantastic community atmosphere.
Entry: Adults $15, Children (5-15 years) $5, Families (2 adults & 2 children) $35.
Credit card facilities will be available at the gate and food area.
For more information please contact Karin Eurell on 0412 468 884,
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Posted by Karin Eurell on Mar 22, 2019

Funds raised by Northbridge Rotary via a bucket appeal at Northbridge Plaza have been put to good use as reported below.
During Tropical Cyclone Debbie in 2017, the Sarina Range in Queensland experienced a massive landslide that effectively cut off 16 families (30 students) from the school campus.  Education Queensland quickly established accommodation for the isolated students.  However, suddenly and rather traumatically, the 30 students and their families had to adjust to changed life circumstances, grief and loss, separation from their previous school community and increased cost of living to travel extended distances to access shops, doctors, workplaces and other social supports such as scouts, sporting activities and dance.
This project, funded by the Northbridge Rotary Club totalling $3255, provided support for children’s skill development (swimming classes) and social interaction with peers at Inter school athletic activities. These monies paid for bus services to transport children between schools, then on to the swim classes and their athletics carnival. Without this grant the school, P&C and students would have been financially disadvantaged and unable to provide the access and learning opportunities that were offered to the students at the temporary accommodation.
The Rotary Club of Sarina and the Swayneville State School students, parents, teachers and community are thankful to the Northbridge Rotary Club and Townsville District 9550 Disaster Management grants that facilitated the social, and emotional well-being of these school children, alleviated a potentially onerous financial burden on the P&C and parents who were already financially disadvantaged. Your financial and club support has provided joy, growth, opportunities, personal development, pride, skill and water safety in all the children of the Swayneville State School Campus. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Dianne Barnett
Secretary, Rotary Club Sarina, Qld
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Posted by Karin Eurell on Mar 22, 2019
The Rotary Club of Northbridge is building on their long-standing support of youth with expanding support across 6 different youth specific, leadership and experience focus programs. The outcomes of these programs continue to motivate the club to build on these programs with increased support.

Among these programs are high school leadership, science, engineering and experience programs.  One of these programs is RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment) aimed at year 9 & 10 who want to build their confidence and self-esteem. RYPEN provides young people the opportunity to build leadership potential, encourages them to explore their ideas in problem solving, team activities, and experiences that will assist them in forming their own values. RYPEN is about building confidence and developing skills to cope in a range of situations. The Rotary club of Northbridge has doubled it’s support of this amazing program from sponsoring 4 awardees each of the last 2 years to 8 awardees this 18/19 year. Follow this link for more information about RYPEN.
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Posted by Barry Anderson on Dec 06, 2018
Three years ago, on my first morning in Dili, I looked through my hotel window.  A constant stream of women and children walked past carrying water containers.  They were getting the day’s water from the local pump where, even in Dili, few dwellings have piped water.
In villages away from Dili, few buildings have piped water. The women and children walk – often some distance – to a local spring for water.  This unsatisfactory situation is tolerable in the wet.  However, in the dry season, this walk can take even longer – too long for some girls to get to school therefore impacting on their education.
But even this is not the most urgent issue.  The schools, medical clinics and market places often lack running water.  A reliable water supply at these communal facilities would vastly improve community sanitation and hence public health.
The Northbridge Rotary Club’s first water project in Timor Leste focused on this issue.  The project is at Lete-Foho, a community located 3 hours’ drive south west of Dili and it involved the following:
  • A 5 kw pump to lift water 190 metres from a spring to header tanks.
  • These tanks supply, by gravity, additional tanks at three schools, a medical clinic and the market place.
  • The Global Grant Scheme of Rotary International provided the required funding - US$36,000.
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Posted by Robert Coote on Dec 04, 2018
Northbridge Rotary wish to thank the local community for their tremendous support during our recent ‘Drought Appeal’ fund raising efforts.  In total, Northbridge Rotary has raised $20,000 from our various BBQ’s, book stalls and bucket collections. 
$10,000 of this has been directed via retail shopping vouchers to farmers in the North and West Regions of NSW.  Working with the team from the Rural Financial Counselling Service in the Central Region, we have aimed to directly aid farmers most in need.  The vouchers enable farmers to purchase groceries at their local supermarket and this helps to stimulate local retail trade and keep people employed in rural towns.
A further $9,000 has been distributed via our Rotary colleagues in Longreach, who are working closely with the Western District Drought Committee in Queensland. Again, 100% of all donated funds are directly redistributed via retail vouchers to drought impacted households.
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Posted by Ian Burnet on May 03, 2018
Through the commitment of our supporters, ShelterBox can provide emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by conflict and natural disaster.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge - through our various events and via generous donations received from members of the community, has been able to provide equivalent to 57 ShelterBoxes at the cost of $1000 each to ShelterBox Australia since 2007.
Each of these boxes is given a number which can then be linked to its ultimate deployment   in disaster areas around the world.
Below is a list which shows box number, related disaster and deployment location of 48 of the Shelterboxes that have been deployed by Rotary Club of Northbridge.
ShelterBox ( will have a display at the Northbridge Rotary Community Fireworks Event on May 12th, 2018.  Come along, have a look, and consider a donation to this worthy cause.
2007 – April
OZ 1698 & OZ1700        
Volcanic Eruption       
Rabaul PNG
2007 – December
2008 – April
2008 – June
AUS3972 – 3978 (7 boxes)  
2008 – June
2008 – July
AUS4453 & 4454       
2008 – December
2009 – February
2009 – June
2009 – June
2009 – November
AUS7069 – 7071 (3 boxes)
2010 – March
AUS8280 – 8282 (3 boxes) 
2011 – February
9671 – 9676 (6 boxes)   
2011 – February
2011 – June
10332 – 10335 (4 boxes)
2011 – September
2012 – September
2012 – September
11494 – 11498 (5 boxes)      
2013 – March
11903 & 11904        
Solomon Islands
2013 – April
North Korea
2013 - September
2013 – December
S.B. appeal. $6,000 donation
Typhoon Haiyan       
2014 – November
2015 - February
North Korea
2018 – March
Donation to be deployed
(2 boxes)
2018 – April
Donation to be deployed
(1 box)
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Posted by Liz Grey on Mar 05, 2018
Northbridge Rotary Club has helped to build a new school in a remote area of Nepal which was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2015. Part of the funding for the project was raised by the club through the generosity of Northbridge residents.
The new school building at Bhakanje village, high in the Himalayas at 2,386 metres, was opened for use in February 2018. At the opening, the villagers of Bhakanje, the school’s teachers and students, and the two managers of Himalayan Project in Nepal expressed their gratitude to the community of Northbridge for their humanitarian support to this devastated community. A brass wall plaque was fixed to the building reading:
The reconstruction of this building in 2016‐17 is funded by Rotary Club of Northbridge,  Sydney, Australia and the people of Northbridge in cooperation with Rotary Club of Kathmandu and Himalayan Project Nepal 2017.
The new school building has a total of four classrooms, one being a nursery for small children. The stronger, longer-lasting building replaces the original school building which was mainly destroyed by the 7.7 force earthquake. The new building’s brick walls and truss roof are of earthquake-resistant design. The walls are lined with wooden panels to help insulate school students from the cold.
The new Bhakanje school is said to be one of the most beautiful and functional schools in that region of Nepal.
Rotary Club of Northbridge managed the reconstruction from October 2016 until February 2018 in cooperation with Rotary Club of Kathmandu, Himalayan Project Denmark and Himalayan Project Nepal.
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