I am honoured to advise you ShelterBox has been nominated for the 2018  Nobel Peace Prize, the winner to be announced in October.  Whatever the result, this is an amazing nomination and we are truly honoured. The nomination reflects the incredible work done by the ShelterBox staff and volunteers around the world, and to those who have supported us, especially the many Rotary Clubs and Rotarians.
The nomination is also an implicit recognition of the partnership between ShelterBox and Rotary International.  Two great organisations combining their efforts to provide disaster aid wherever it may be required across our world.  I am reminded that last year we helped 32,000 households, or 160,000 people, who had lost everything through conflict or natural disaster. We responded to world events 24 times in the year and deployed aid to 20 different countries. Rotary groups around the world helped us provide vulnerable people with emergency shelter and aid in almost all of the countries we have worked in affected by natural disaster.  In 2017, we also surpassed the highest number of days ever deployed in one year. This includes 84 ShelterBox Response Team volunteers who deployed for a total of 1,530 days. That’s an average volunteer deployment of 18 days each.
I never underestimate the impact of the support of Rotary International, Rotary Clubs and individual Rotarian has to ShelterBox in achieving our goal of no family without shelter.
As we continue to pursue our goal, we thank each and every one of you for the support given, and make an impassioned plea for that support to continue into the future.  As individual organisations we can make a difference in the world; as a partnership we can do even more.
Thank you.

Through the commitment of our supporters, ShelterBox can provide emergency shelter and tools for families robbed of their homes by conflict and natural disaster.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge - through our various events and via generous donations received from members of the community, has been able to provide equivalent to 57 ShelterBoxes at the cost of $1000 each to ShelterBox Australia since 2007.
Each of these boxes is given a number which can then be linked to its ultimate deployment   in disaster areas around the world.
Below is a list which shows box number, related disaster and deployment location of 48 of the Shelterboxes that have been deployed by Rotary Club of Northbridge.
ShelterBox (https://www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au/about/) will have a display at the Northbridge Rotary Community Fireworks Event on May 12th, 2018.  Come along, have a look, and consider a donation to this worthy cause.
2007 – April
OZ 1698 & OZ1700        
Volcanic Eruption       
Rabaul PNG
2007 – December
2008 – April
2008 – June
AUS3972 – 3978 (7 boxes)  
2008 – June
2008 – July
AUS4453 & 4454       
2008 – December
2009 – February
2009 – June
2009 – June
2009 – November
AUS7069 – 7071 (3 boxes)
2010 – March
AUS8280 – 8282 (3 boxes) 
2011 – February
9671 – 9676 (6 boxes)   
2011 – February
2011 – June
10332 – 10335 (4 boxes)
2011 – September
2012 – September
2012 – September
11494 – 11498 (5 boxes)      
2013 – March
11903 & 11904        
Solomon Islands
2013 – April
North Korea
2013 - September
2013 – December
S.B. appeal. $6,000 donation
Typhoon Haiyan       
2014 – November
2015 - February
North Korea
2018 – March
Donation to be deployed
(2 boxes)
2018 – April
Donation to be deployed
(1 box)
DO SOMETHING. SHELTERBOX      https://www.shelterboxaustralia.com.au/ 
10 Years of support - ShelterBox put families first! Ian Burnet 2018-05-02 14:00:00Z 0
Six local residents received prestigious awards at Northbridge Rotary Club’s annual Pride of Workmanship dinner on February 20. The awards were presented by NSW Premier and Willoughby State Member the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP.

Ms Berejiklian said that she was honoured to once again present the Rotary awards, which celebrated people in the community who excelled at their work or as volunteers but who might otherwise not be recognised.
Lesley Berry received a Community Service award for her volunteer work over many years at Northbridge Golf Club in developing and maintaining the beautiful gardens surrounding the approach and entrance to the club house.
David Herridge won a Community Service Award for leading 1st Northbridge Sea Scouts as a volunteer for several years. Among other achievements, David organised the annual Christmas tree sales as a fundraiser for the Scouts.
A Pride of Workmanship award was presented to Tim Sheerman who has given several years’ valuable service to the Chatswood-based charity Streetwork. Tim has been responsible for assisting many young people who have found themselves on the street..
John Vaughan received a Pride of Workmanship award for his unique expertise and commitment to Australiana flags. In a career over many years, John maintained an office in Northbridge where he conducted his flag business.
A Pride of Workmanship award was presented to Keryn Ward, who was general manager of Northbridge Plaza shopping centre for several years. During her time at the Plaza, Keryn ensured that the Plaza participated in many community events and provided substantial sponsorship to such events, including Rotary’s annual fireworks display on Northbridge Oval.
Geoff West received a Community Service award for organising four years ago a Justice of the Peace desk which was freely available to the public at Northbridge Library. Later, he organised a second desk at Northbridge Plaza.  The desks are manned by a roster of up to 10 local JPs, all of them volunteers.
At the end of the evening, Northbridge Rotarian Garth Carter, the organiser of the event, thanked the Premier for giving her valuable time and also thanked the support of the nominators of each awardee. “This is one of our club’s most anticipated events of the year,” Garth said. “It is so important to recognise the people in the community who make it a better place.”
ROTARY CLUB HONOURS LOCALS 2018-03-24 13:00:00Z 0
The Northbridge Golf Club and the Northbridge Rotary Club organised a charity golf day on 24 February.
Thanks to the generosity of the Golf Club, players, and Rotary volunteers we raised over $2000 for Shelterbox,
which provides emergency help to victims of natural disasters.
Here is a photos of Ian Burnet presenting a $50 bar voucher to the lucky Lani McDowell.
Northbridge Golf Club Supports ShelterBox Charity 2018-03-24 13:00:00Z 0
Northbridge Rotary Club has helped to build a new school in a remote area of Nepal which was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2015. Part of the funding for the project was raised by the club through the generosity of Northbridge residents.
The new school building at Bhakanje village, high in the Himalayas at 2,386 metres, was opened for use in February 2018. At the opening, the villagers of Bhakanje, the school’s teachers and students, and the two managers of Himalayan Project in Nepal expressed their gratitude to the community of Northbridge for their humanitarian support to this devastated community. A brass wall plaque was fixed to the building reading:
The reconstruction of this building in 2016‐17 is funded by Rotary Club of Northbridge,  Sydney, Australia and the people of Northbridge in cooperation with Rotary Club of Kathmandu and Himalayan Project Nepal 2017.
The new school building has a total of four classrooms, one being a nursery for small children. The stronger, longer-lasting building replaces the original school building which was mainly destroyed by the 7.7 force earthquake. The new building’s brick walls and truss roof are of earthquake-resistant design. The walls are lined with wooden panels to help insulate school students from the cold.
The new Bhakanje school is said to be one of the most beautiful and functional schools in that region of Nepal.
Rotary Club of Northbridge managed the reconstruction from October 2016 until February 2018 in cooperation with Rotary Club of Kathmandu, Himalayan Project Denmark and Himalayan Project Nepal.
Northbridge Rotary builds new school in Nepal 2018-03-04 13:00:00Z 0

The Rotary Foundation has won the prestigious award for Outstanding Foundation at the 2017 conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in San Francisco. The conference drew more than 3,400 senior fundraising professionals from 33 countries.
The annual award honours organisations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs.
AFP’s judges cited Rotary’s comprehensive campaign to eradicate polio as a major driver of the selection.
They also mentioned that Rotary applies a methodical, purposeful approach to support a wide variety of international causes, from providing clean water to educating the next generation of peace professionals.
Rotary Foundation Chair-elect Paul Netzel accepted the award on Rotary's behalf. “With the generous support of our members and partners, we’ve taken on some of the toughest humanitarian challenges in the world, none more so than the devastating disease of polio,” said Netzel. “We will defeat polio and it will be a landmark achievement for global public health.”
“This award helps to spread our belief that service to humankind truly changes our world and, for that reason, it is the greatest work of life,” Netzel said.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge and many of its members contribute generously to The Rotary Foundation each year.
The Rotary Foundation: The best charity in the world! 2017-12-19 13:00:00Z 0

Funds donated by Rotary Club of Northbridge contributed to local lawyer Alison French completing a Masters of Public Policy degree at Oxford University in November 2017. With the support of Northbridge Rotary, Alison travelled to Oxford in August 2016 on a full Rotary Global Grant Scholarship.
Of her year of study, Alison said: “It has been the most fascinating, challenging and inspiring year. I would not be here if it weren’t for the support of Rotary. Thank you once again for all of Rotary’s support and generosity”. 
At Oxford, Alison took examinations in several subjects. In the Education course, for her assignment she wrote on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.” That is an area of passion for me and I absolutely loved this course!” Alison told Northbridge Rotarians.
Alison also made presentations to many Rotary clubs in the Oxford area. “It was a lovely way to connect with the Rotary community at many talks throughout the year,” Alison said. She also spoke at the Rotary District Conference in Bournemouth. Alison said that the beach at Bournemouth does not compare to beautiful Sydney beaches but it was very nice to spend a weekend by the sea and mix with Rotarians young and old.
Other highlights of her time in UK were competing in the Oxford College rowing regattas for St Anne’s College and attending the Queen’s Young Leaders Award ceremony at the Australian High Commission (and seeing Prince Harry!).
Alison is currently completing her summer project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working with World Vision on a child rights project.  The aim is to make recommendations to eliminate violence against children in the Asia region. She has seven weeks in Cambodia to complete the project and will then return to the UK to undertake a short internship at the Australian High Commission in London before graduation, after which she will finally return home. 

She says her next step is still to be confirmed but is likely to be Canberra-based with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Vocational - Northbridge Rotary Helps Local Complete Her Masters at Oxford Malcolm Lye 2017-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

In October 65 girls among 74 from classes 6 to 10, plus health worker & 8 health volunteers were given a lesson by Marie Egebjerg Jensen (from the Rotary Club of  Skivehus, Denmark) and we distributed DFG (Days for Girls) kits.

At the lesson the DFG kits were introduced to the students and they were shown how to use it along with calendar entry.
The health volunteer promised to tell other women in their areas of the DFG kits.
All went very well with additional girls wanting kits and presentation.
The DFG training and counselling was a huge success & another visit to Sagar Bakanje School, Nepal is planned in January-February 2018 to do further training, and to check they are using the kits and following the calendar of menstruation cycle.
International - Day for Girls Education & Training at Sagar Bakanje School, Nepal Ros Virtue 2017-11-20 13:00:00Z 0
On the 22nd August 2017 the Club had the privilege of having as our guest speaker, Trent Zimmerman, MP Federal member for North Shore.  Trent spoke of his life in the past 18 months as a new MP and the issues facing Australia.  He said “nothing had prepared me for life as an elected member, the lack of anonymity, busy committee work, communications with Ministers, party room, colleagues and Opposition members and time in the electorate.
He advised that he was optimistic about Australia’s future because of its stability and security, diversity and high living standards.
He see the main challenges:
  1. Competitiveness of Australia’s industries.  He expects Australia’s main growth to be in the service industries and agriculture and see a need for lower company taxes and more free Trade Agreement.
  2. Maintaining health care and pensions for Australia’s ageing populations.
  3. Increasing cost of energy as Australia tries to combat climate change.  He see “technology as our friend” with solar costs reducing and providing secure affordable energy.
Community - Trent Zimmerman MP, Federal Member For North Shore – Guest Speaker Ros Virtue 2017-09-16 14:00:00Z 0
The Bridge Day was held on 31st August 2017 at the Northbridge Bowling Club and was a great success.
We had 80 ladies playing bridge at 20 tables. On arrival they had morning tea, with the bridge playing interrupted at 12.30 for lunch and the formal opening by Willoughby Mayor, Gail Giles-Gidney.
Gail introduced the speakers representing the Charities to benefit from the Day. Janice Gibson outlined the impressive role provided by Marys House in supporting women and children who need help because of domestic violence.
Ian Burnett then described the work of Disaster Aid in international disaster relief and rebuilding.
We had 38 Rotarians, partners and Friends of Rotary work together to make this day happen, including making 280 sandwiches and cooking well over 400 biscuits/slices/little cakes. All delicious!
Our raffle was for some amazing prizes including a beautiful hand-made quilt, plus we had a Jewellery table with 20% of sales donated to our day.
The end result was a profit of $4,117.00, making the work involved most worthwhile and committing us to do it again next year!!
Community - Inaugral Bridge Day Ros Virtue 2017-09-05 14:00:00Z 0
At a Club meeting held 23 May 2017 President Paul reported that he had received a letter of resignation from long time member  Sydney (Syd) Grolman.  Syd has been a member of the Club for 19 years 6 months ably supported by his dear wife Marcelle.
Syd was inducted into the Club in 1998 after being nominated by President Paul.
He and Paul first met at a bus stop when they were both working in North Sydney, Syd going home to Cammeray and Paul to Northbridge.
Throughout his distinguished service Syd has made a significant contribution to the Club including:
Sailability (Honorary Treasurer 6 years),managing the Club’s annual Bowel Scan programme, organising the Blood Bank’s  periodic visits to Northbridge  for several years, the initiation of the Book Collection Box at the Plaza with all children’s books initially  going to the Indy Kindy Foundation.
In addition he served on the Board of Northbridge Rotary for 5 years in various roles.
Syd was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2007 and the Sapphire Pin in 2012.
Following the acceptance of his resignation the Board in recognition of his exemplary service and resolved to award him an Honorary Membership.
Northbridge Rotary - Syd Grolman Retirement Kevin Tattrie 2017-06-04 14:00:00Z 0
Northbridge residents made a generous contribution to a Rotary bucket appeal at Northbridge Plaza in February.
The appeal was held by Rotary Club of Northbridge as part of Rotary’s worldwide efforts to end polio in the world. 
In all, the club collected more than AUD$3500 during the appeal. This amount was matched by Rotary District 9685 (representing more than 2000 Rotarians in northern Sydney), and augmented by grants from Rotary International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so that the total attributed to Northbridge was a very substantial US$19,875.
42 other clubs in the Rotary District also participated in the “End Polio Challenge” and a massive total of AUD$1.15 million was attributed to the district. Rotary’s District Governor Bruce Lakin said: “The amount was probably the largest donation from any District in this part of the Rotary World.”
Rotary worldwide launched its “End Polio Now” program in 1985 in partnership with World Health Organisation, UNICEF and, more recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Since then, Rotary has raised $1.6 billion for the cause, helping to immunize more than 2.5 million children in 122 countries. In 2015 less than 75 cases of polio were confirmed worldwide, a remarkable reduction of 99.9% since the Rotary program commenced.
Foundation - Northbridge Helps to Eradicate World Polio 2017-05-04 14:00:00Z 0
Northbridge Rotary Club held another successful Senior’s luncheon on Saturday 3 March 2017 at St Marks Hall in Tunks Street Northbridge.
Inclement weather did not deter 80 guests from attending the annual lunch for seniors in our community. They were attended by over 30 hardworking Rotarians and friends, who served a delicious three course meal with  appropriate refreshments.
Guests were entertained by a talented young local violinist and they received gifts provided by Northbridge Compounding Pharmacy or a complimentary coffee card from the Inner Cravings Café  in the Northbridge Plaza.
A special prize was awarded to Mr  Geoff Lamb who, at 103 years of age, was the oldest  in attendance.  
Community - Rotary Lunch for Senior Citizens 2017-03-29 13:00:00Z 0