The Rotary Foundation has won the prestigious award for Outstanding Foundation at the 2017 conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in San Francisco. The conference drew more than 3,400 senior fundraising professionals from 33 countries.
The annual award honours organisations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs.
AFP’s judges cited Rotary’s comprehensive campaign to eradicate polio as a major driver of the selection.
They also mentioned that Rotary applies a methodical, purposeful approach to support a wide variety of international causes, from providing clean water to educating the next generation of peace professionals.
Rotary Foundation Chair-elect Paul Netzel accepted the award on Rotary's behalf. “With the generous support of our members and partners, we’ve taken on some of the toughest humanitarian challenges in the world, none more so than the devastating disease of polio,” said Netzel. “We will defeat polio and it will be a landmark achievement for global public health.”
“This award helps to spread our belief that service to humankind truly changes our world and, for that reason, it is the greatest work of life,” Netzel said.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge and many of its members contribute generously to The Rotary Foundation each year.
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Funds donated by Rotary Club of Northbridge contributed to local lawyer Alison French completing a Masters of Public Policy degree at Oxford University in November 2017. With the support of Northbridge Rotary, Alison travelled to Oxford in August 2016 on a full Rotary Global Grant Scholarship.
Of her year of study, Alison said: “It has been the most fascinating, challenging and inspiring year. I would not be here if it weren’t for the support of Rotary. Thank you once again for all of Rotary’s support and generosity”. 
At Oxford, Alison took examinations in several subjects. In the Education course, for her assignment she wrote on improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education.” That is an area of passion for me and I absolutely loved this course!” Alison told Northbridge Rotarians.
Alison also made presentations to many Rotary clubs in the Oxford area. “It was a lovely way to connect with the Rotary community at many talks throughout the year,” Alison said. She also spoke at the Rotary District Conference in Bournemouth. Alison said that the beach at Bournemouth does not compare to beautiful Sydney beaches but it was very nice to spend a weekend by the sea and mix with Rotarians young and old.
Other highlights of her time in UK were competing in the Oxford College rowing regattas for St Anne’s College and attending the Queen’s Young Leaders Award ceremony at the Australian High Commission (and seeing Prince Harry!).
Alison is currently completing her summer project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, working with World Vision on a child rights project.  The aim is to make recommendations to eliminate violence against children in the Asia region. She has seven weeks in Cambodia to complete the project and will then return to the UK to undertake a short internship at the Australian High Commission in London before graduation, after which she will finally return home. 

She says her next step is still to be confirmed but is likely to be Canberra-based with the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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A small ceremony was held on 11/11/2017, in the village of  Sagar Bhakanje, Nepal, to place a plaque on the wall of the nearly completed new school classrooms building.
The plaque recognises the reconstruction of this building was funded by the Rotary Club of Northbridge, and the people of Northbridge, in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Kathmandu.
After over 2 years of living in difficult living conditions, in the village of  Sagar Bhakanje, on the cold steep trails high in the foot hills of Nepal Himalayas, Janaki Khadka of Hipron and Kurt Lomborg from the Rotary Club of Skivehus, Denmark  and Hipron with the hospitality and help of locals are nearing the completion in rebuilding school classrooms, destroyed in the 2015 earthquake.
Local carpenters expect to complete building work within a month including making a special set-up in the Nursery Classroom.

Weather permitting, it is expected that the school classrooms will open in mid-January and students will be able to study in the classrooms.
International – Rebuilt Nepal School Opening Ceremony Ros Virtue 2017-11-21 13:00:00Z 0

In October 65 girls among 74 from classes 6 to 10, plus health worker & 8 health volunteers were given a lesson by Marie Egebjerg Jensen (from the Rotary Club of  Skivehus, Denmark) and we distributed DFG (Days for Girls) kits.

At the lesson the DFG kits were introduced to the students and they were shown how to use it along with calendar entry.
The health volunteer promised to tell other women in their areas of the DFG kits.
All went very well with additional girls wanting kits and presentation.
The DFG training and counselling was a huge success & another visit to Sagar Bakanje School, Nepal is planned in January-February 2018 to do further training, and to check they are using the kits and following the calendar of menstruation cycle.
Additional photos are available on next page
International - Day for Girls Education & Training at Sagar Bakanje School, Nepal Ros Virtue 2017-11-20 13:00:00Z 0
23rd  October 2017-10-30
Liz and Ros first day in Kathmandu seeing the damage caused by the earthquake to the many historical buildings.
24th October 2017
Meeting the Denmark rotary group and the manager of NGO who we work with in Nepal
25th October 2017
Great day visiting Days for Girls in Kathmandu and ordering 80 kits to take to the school. Not only does this give work to women in Kathmandu but educate the girls
26th October 2017
Dhulikhel resort overlooking valley have seen corn being dried at the temple, sheep and cows in the Main Street and beautiful buildings now decaying, and corn being looked after in the street. Liz thought the old lady was probably younger than we are!!!!!
1st November 2017
We did not make the trek to Sagar-bhakange. After a gruelling 12 hour Jeep ride from Kathmandu on the worst road including getting past a broken down truck next to a precipice in the rain, and a sleepless night On hard boards in a squalid Guest house, Liz decided that the trek was beyond her limited stamina and Ros was certainly not enjoying it. Then it rained and the road back to Kathmandu was closed, but that’s another story.
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2018 Rotary District Conference will be held on 10th - 11th March 2018 at the Fairmont Resort Leura. 
Members, family and friends are welcome. For further details and registration please visit the CONFERENCE WEB SITE: 
Guest speaker will be Dr. Gill Hicks. Gill is considered to be one of the most thought provoking, powerful and life affirming speakers in Australia and the UK. She is globally known as an Advocate for Sustainable Peace and a valuable resource in Countering Violent Extremism.

Her devotion to making a personal greater contribution and positive difference to the urgency of building peace was realised when she was made permanently injured in the London terrorist Bombings on July 7th, 2005.

Her ‘lived experience’, from survival to rehabilitation as a double amputee created a clear demarcation from all she had known before the bombings, being at the helm of some of the UK’s most prestigious and respected institutions – including Publishing Director of the architecture, design and contemporary culture magazine, Blueprint, Director of the Dangerous Minds design consultancy and Head Curator at the Design Council, along with being one of the first women to be invited to become a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (the RSA).

Her 2nd Life is built on what she describes as a series of conscious choices, of mindfulness and being aware of the importance of the moment. Sharing what she has learnt about herself, about humanity and the extraordinary and what she believes is an inherent ability to not only face but to rise in the wake of adversity is not only inspiring, but it is a valuable insight into what is possible in life

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Posted by Ros Virtue
Rotary Club of Northbridge has completed the rebuilding of two class rooms at the Secondary School in Sagar-Bhakanje, in a remote region of Nepal, which was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. This was funded by a bucket appeal at Northbridge Plaza, a private donor, and Rotary International.
Rotarians Ros and Liz are travelling to Nepal on 22nd October 2017 and will be trekking to the school to inspect the work and present a plaque. We will also be assessing for ourselves what we can provide to assist in the reconstruction of the other class rooms.
Should anyone wish to donate they may do so by sending a donation to Northbridge Rotary Club International Projects Account BSB 032 199 Account No. 286136. Ref: (your surname) Nepal. Should you require a receipt please email 
We will be sending back photos and details of our trip
International - Local Rotarians to Visit Nepal to Inspect Rebuilt School Class Rooms Ros Virtue 2017-09-26 14:00:00Z 0
On the 22nd August 2017 the Club had the privilege of having as our guest speaker, Trent Zimmerman, MP Federal member for North Shore.  Trent spoke of his life in the past 18 months as a new MP and the issues facing Australia.  He said “nothing had prepared me for life as an elected member, the lack of anonymity, busy committee work, communications with Ministers, party room, colleagues and Opposition members and time in the electorate.
He advised that he was optimistic about Australia’s future because of its stability and security, diversity and high living standards.
He see the main challenges:
  1. Competitiveness of Australia’s industries.  He expects Australia’s main growth to be in the service industries and agriculture and see a need for lower company taxes and more free Trade Agreement.
  2. Maintaining health care and pensions for Australia’s ageing populations.
  3. Increasing cost of energy as Australia tries to combat climate change.  He see “technology as our friend” with solar costs reducing and providing secure affordable energy.
Community - Trent Zimmerman MP, Federal Member For North Shore – Guest Speaker Ros Virtue 2017-09-16 14:00:00Z 0
The Bridge Day was held on 31st August 2017 at the Northbridge Bowling Club and was a great success.
We had 80 ladies playing bridge at 20 tables. On arrival they had morning tea, with the bridge playing interrupted at 12.30 for lunch and the formal opening by Willoughby Mayor, Gail Giles-Gidney.
Gail introduced the speakers representing the Charities to benefit from the Day. Janice Gibson outlined the impressive role provided by Marys House in supporting women and children who need help because of domestic violence.
Ian Burnett then described the work of Disaster Aid in international disaster relief and rebuilding.
We had 38 Rotarians, partners and Friends of Rotary work together to make this day happen, including making 280 sandwiches and cooking well over 400 biscuits/slices/little cakes. All delicious!
Our raffle was for some amazing prizes including a beautiful hand-made quilt, plus we had a Jewellery table with 20% of sales donated to our day.
The end result was a profit of $4,117.00, making the work involved most worthwhile and committing us to do it again next year!!
Community - Inaugral Bridge Day Ros Virtue 2017-09-05 14:00:00Z 0
The Nepal Earthquake of 25 April and 12 May 2015 destroyed or severely damaged most of the 356 houses and most of the school buildings in Bhakanje VDC (municipality).  The Secondary School of Sagar-Bhakanje was severely damaged, leaving only one building intact (built to earthquake-proof standards ) while five n 2014buildings too damaged to occupy safely. Fortunately the earthquake occurred on a Saturday at the beginning of school holidays when the school was closed, otherwise many children would have been killed or injured.
The Rotary Club of Northbridge raised funds in a bucket appeal at Northbridge Plaza.  These funds, together with a Rotary grant and a generous contribution from a Northbridge resident, paid for the reconstruction of two of the classrooms at the Sagar-Bhakanje Secondary School.
The Club worked with the Rotary Clubs of Kathmandu, Nepal and Skivehus, Denmark, the School Coulcil, and Himalayan Project Nepal (HIPRON) to deliver the project.  All materials and labour were sourced in Nepal, providing much needed revenue and work opportunities.
This means that, thanks to Rotary and the people of Northbridge, normal school operations can recommence for the 145 students and 13 teachers.
International - Nepal Earthquake: Rotary Club of Northbridge Repairs School Kevin Tattrie 2017-07-24 14:00:00Z 0
A record crowd estimated at more than 4,000 attended Northbridge Rotary's Community Fireworks 30th Anniversary Spectacular on Northbridge Oval on May 13.
The event was a great success, according to the organizer, Rotarian Rob Coote. “We were lucky with near perfect weather and it was a great night for families who attended the evening,” Rob said. “The fireworks were spectacular, there was varied musical entertainment from local school bands plus exciting rides for the many happy children in attendance.
“We had about 120 Rotary Club members, spouses and Friends of Rotary helping on the night,” Rob said.
The spectators included North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman, Premier  Gladys Berejiklian and Willoughby Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney. The Mayor welcomed the huge crowd and thanked Rotarians, volunteers and sponsors for making the huge community event so successful.
The event raised a surplus of more than $40,000 (net of expenses), which will be used to support local and overseas charities.
In this regard the Board of the Club at its May meeting resolved to award 100% of the surplus to organizations in greatest need. These included StreetWork (a local youth charity ) to assist in purchasing a new community vehicle ,the Rural Fire Service, children and women’s emergency accommodation, Rotary’s Polio Eradication programme, The Rotary Foundation, medical research into the causes and treatment  of dementia and high need overseas charities in East Timor and Nepal (water delivery infrastructure and schools..)
Rotary President Paul Sullivan expressed the Club’s appreciation to Northbridge Plaza (managed by AMP Capital) as the major sponsor of the event and the new co-sponsor Commonwealth Bank  . The invaluable assistance of Willoughby City Council was also greatly appreciated.
Community - Northbridge Rotary Fireworks Record Kevin Tattrie 2017-06-11 14:00:00Z 0
At a Club meeting held 23 May 2017 President Paul reported that he had received a letter of resignation from long time member  Sydney (Syd) Grolman.  Syd has been a member of the Club for 19 years 6 months ably supported by his dear wife Marcelle.
Syd was inducted into the Club in 1998 after being nominated by President Paul.
He and Paul first met at a bus stop when they were both working in North Sydney, Syd going home to Cammeray and Paul to Northbridge.
Throughout his distinguished service Syd has made a significant contribution to the Club including:
Sailability (Honorary Treasurer 6 years),managing the Club’s annual Bowel Scan programme, organising the Blood Bank’s  periodic visits to Northbridge  for several years, the initiation of the Book Collection Box at the Plaza with all children’s books initially  going to the Indy Kindy Foundation.
In addition he served on the Board of Northbridge Rotary for 5 years in various roles.
Syd was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2007 and the Sapphire Pin in 2012.
Following the acceptance of his resignation the Board in recognition of his exemplary service and resolved to award him an Honorary Membership.
Northbridge Rotary - Syd Grolman Retirement Kevin Tattrie 2017-06-04 14:00:00Z 0
Northbridge residents made a generous contribution to a Rotary bucket appeal at Northbridge Plaza in February.
The appeal was held by Rotary Club of Northbridge as part of Rotary’s worldwide efforts to end polio in the world. 
In all, the club collected more than AUD$3500 during the appeal. This amount was matched by Rotary District 9685 (representing more than 2000 Rotarians in northern Sydney), and augmented by grants from Rotary International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, so that the total attributed to Northbridge was a very substantial US$19,875.
42 other clubs in the Rotary District also participated in the “End Polio Challenge” and a massive total of AUD$1.15 million was attributed to the district. Rotary’s District Governor Bruce Lakin said: “The amount was probably the largest donation from any District in this part of the Rotary World.”
Rotary worldwide launched its “End Polio Now” program in 1985 in partnership with World Health Organisation, UNICEF and, more recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Since then, Rotary has raised $1.6 billion for the cause, helping to immunize more than 2.5 million children in 122 countries. In 2015 less than 75 cases of polio were confirmed worldwide, a remarkable reduction of 99.9% since the Rotary program commenced.
Foundation - Northbridge Helps to Eradicate World Polio 2017-05-04 14:00:00Z 0
As part of our community programs we are advising you of the Rotary BowelCare Program and that the BowelCare kits will be on sale at participating pharmacies for two months commencing 1st April, 2017.
Check with your local pharmacy or go to our website for a listing of all participating pharmacies in your area. 

This year’s BowelCare kit will cost only $15.00. This price includes pathology testing, with notification of your result to both yourself and your nominated doctor. Your result will be issued within 30 days of your test kit being received by pathology. Please use the pre-paid envelope provided within the kit package. 
Community - BowelCare Program 2017 2017-03-30 13:00:00Z 0
Northbridge Rotary Club held another successful Senior’s luncheon on Saturday 3 March 2017 at St Marks Hall in Tunks Street Northbridge.
Inclement weather did not deter 80 guests from attending the annual lunch for seniors in our community. They were attended by over 30 hardworking Rotarians and friends, who served a delicious three course meal with  appropriate refreshments.
Guests were entertained by a talented young local violinist and they received gifts provided by Northbridge Compounding Pharmacy or a complimentary coffee card from the Inner Cravings Café  in the Northbridge Plaza.
A special prize was awarded to Mr  Geoff Lamb who, at 103 years of age, was the oldest  in attendance.  
Community - Rotary Lunch for Senior Citizens 2017-03-29 13:00:00Z 0
Our Club on an ongoing basis collects unwanted second hand books at Northbridge Plaza via its book box.
The Club received a request from a Fijian school for children’s books.
Travelling on a cruise to the Pacific Islands Northbridge Rotarian Peter Antaw received permission to carry an additional 2 cases of kids’ books that were requested by a school child in Fiji.
International - The Fijians Loved Our Books 2017-03-16 13:00:00Z 0
The Rotary Club of Northbridge came to the rescue when a village in Nepal was totally destroyed by the 2016 earthquake. 
The Club raised over $18,000 to build 12 houses and renamed the village to Northbridge Nepal.
With the left over monies the village then built a water tank that supplied drinking water for the whole village which included the only school. Again we would like to thank the Northbridge community for their generosity, as do the villages.
Northbridge Rotary Club will continue to support projects like this one as it really does save lives.   
International - Nepal Water Tank 2017-03-16 13:00:00Z 0
In 1917, RI President Arch C. Klumph proposed that an endowment be set up “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” 
After Rotary’s founder, Paul P. Harris, died in 1947, contributions began pouring into Rotary International, and the Paul Harris Memorial Fund was created to build the Foundation.
That year, the first Foundation program – the forerunner of Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships – was established. In 1965-66, three new programs were launched: Group Study Exchange, Awards for Technical Training, and Grants for Activities in Keeping with the Objective of The Rotary Foundation, which was later called Matching Grants.
The Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants program was launched in 1978, and Rotary Volunteers was created as a part of that program in 1980. PolioPlus was announced in 1984-85, and the next year brought Rotary Grants for University Teachers. The first peace forums were held in 1987-88, leading to the Foundation's peace and conflict studies programs.
Since the first donation of $26.50 in 1917, it has received contributions totaling more than $1 billion. More than $70 million was donated in 2003-04 alone. To date, more than one million individuals have been recognized as Paul Harris Fellows – people who have given US$1,000 to the Annual Programs Fund or have had that amount contributed in their name.
Such strong support, along with Rotarian involvement worldwide, ensures a secure future for The Rotary Foundation as it continues its vital work for international understanding and world peace.
Get to know The Rotary Foundation’s Goals 
  1. Eradicate polio, our top priority
  2. Build a sense of ownership of our Foundation among Rotarians through their contributions to the Annual Programs Fund, the Permanent Fund, and our Rotary Peace Centres
  3. Continue our progress on the Future Vision plan and align our service projects with the six areas of focus
    •   Peace and conflict prevention/ resolution
    •   Disease prevention and treatment
    •   Water and sanitation
    •   Maternal and child health
    •   Basic education and literacy
    •   Economic and community development
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Rotary Club of Northbridge was proud to once again be involved with sponsoring two incredible local Northbridge youths for the 2017 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards which took place in January.
The two RYLA candidates Lora Chen and Niamh Lennon proved to be excellent choices for the RYLA program.
Both were appreciative of the numerous speakers who inspired them, and described the various challenges they encountered during the camp which took them out of their comfort zones.  The lessons were challenging, offering new ways to view leadership; they both expressed a desire not to forget those lessons and endeavour to apply them to their everyday life. 

Youth - RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2017 2017-02-14 13:00:00Z 0