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Club Meeting News - 24 October 2023
President Luke welcomed all members, guest speaker Alex Holden and guests Binu & Elsa Katari and Marillyn Stewart.
Fay Petrou proposed a toast to the RC of San Francisco. Chartered in 1908, it is the second oldest Rotary Club. It has a diverse membership aged between 35 & 95. Over the years the club has received $5m in bequests and provided Peace Fellowships, $800k for projects including teaching 3D printing to school students.
Kim Wilkins spoke about the Polio Train Ride which he and Luke took part in on 24 October. Over the past 6 years, this event has raised over $600K for the Polio Eradication program. It was a good opportunity to mix with members of other clubs and the event gained quite a bit of media publicity.
Mary’s House Walk Against Domestic Violence to be held 29 October.
Peter McNair thanked all volunteers who assisted at the Castlecrag Fair on 22 October. We were a visible presence and spoke to many people about Northbridge Rotary. He thanked Rob Coote for his co-ordination of the stall.
Sally O’Neill advised the next Bunnings BBQ is on 18 November and that she still requires volunteers.
Garth Carter advised there were five nominations for the POW on 28 November.
Eleanor Chevor advised the Rotary Food Drive will be held next year, and the Tree of Joy will be set up at the end of November at Northbridge Plaza.
President Luke advised that the Club Lottery will be launched in 2 weeks; and that the club's AGM will be held in early December.
Helen Gulson
Guest Speaker - Alexander Holden - Oral Health & Dentistry
Joe Campisi introduced guest speaker Alexander Holden. Alex completed an undergraduate degree in dentistry in the UK and a further 4 degrees in law, dental public health, community dentistry and research in the UK, Australia and NZ. He worked clinically in private and public practice in the north of England before arriving in Sydney in 2015 where he works in the private, public and academic sectors of dentistry. He is currently Head of Specialist Services at Sydney Dental Hospital and Oral Health Services and is Clinical Professor at USyd School of Dentistry.
In his presentation Alex spoke about:
  • His first 3 years in practice removing the teeth of 20 year olds in England where oral health is very poor.
  • 80% of dentistry in Australia is private and there has been a huge rise in corporate dentistry.
  • 50% of the NSW population is eligible for free dental care but capacity in the health system is very limited and there is under-investment in oral health.
  • Over-treatment in dentistry.
  • The need to put patient care first.
  • There is a struggle to balance the idea of dentistry as a healing pursuit as opposed to a commercial venture.
  • The best form of dentistry is minimal intervention.
  • Except rare cases, Medicare is not available in dentistry.
  • Pediatric dentistry is difficult, some welfare is available for the young. General anaesthesia is not covered by health funds which is very tricky in the case of children needing extensive treatment.
  • Treatment for hare lip and cleft palate is often ongoing well into adulthood. Unfortunately cover for this treatment ends at the age of 25.
  • Lack of proper dental care is a real problem in aged care.
  • Oral health is not supported by government nearly as much as general health.
  • There is a correlation between poor dental health and cardiac and diabetic health, not to mention other health issues.
Joe thanked Alex for his informative presentation in explaining the current state of dentistry in Australia. Alex brought along some toothbrushes to give away and these were given to David Robertson to take with him to distribute on his upcoming trip to Fiji.
Helen Gulson
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