President's Message
Fellow Northbridge Rotarians,
I returned last weekend from an enjoyable but brief trip overseas.
Thank you to Peter Russell for chairing the Weekly meetings in my absence and thank you to the Board and all Club members for maintaining our project and activity momentum during this time. Much is being achieved.
At our last Weekly, John Turner informed members that he and Penny have purchased a property in Sawtell near Coffs Harbour and will relocate there shortly. We are thrilled for John and the Turner family, but very sad to see him departing our Rotary Club. This announcement comes a few weeks after Rob Coote announced he too would be relocating, and a month or two after Karin Eurell resigned. With their departure not only are we losing wonderful people, dear friends, but we are also losing an incredible amount of firepower and brain power. We will need to work harder to fill the gap left behind. Importantly we will need to focus on recruitment of new members to replace what we have lost and to grow our Club even further. All of this will most likely involve a shuffling of our resources to achieve what is needed. Watch this space as I work with the Board on this issue.
The Board met last week and we had a full agenda. You will shortly receive a copy of the minutes, so please read through to keep yourself well-informed.
The Board has agreed to promote the Mary’s House WALK AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE to be held on 29 October. You, your family, friends and neighbours are invited to join the Northbridge Rotary team on this leisurely 10km walk around scenic North Sydney, Waverton,  Balls Head, and McMahons Point. More details at
There has been a spate of disasters across the globe recently. These include the Maui fires (97 dead & 11,000 displaced), a 6.8 earthquake in Morocco (3,000+ lives lost), and Libyan floods (4,000 dead & 9,000 missing). This week Ian Burnet asked members that if they can help, Shelterbox is taking donations.
Recently David Perabo gave an update to Club members on the Regionalisation Project. The Pilot is a chance for Clubs to expand their reach and increase their impact. Club members wanting to know more about this project are encouraged to attend one of the September Zoom webinars to be held this coming week. More details and registration is via this link
Be Email alert. Several Club members have received strange short emails supposedly from me. If you receive an email from me, check that it comes from my email address These emails came from some other address with my name. The emails contained no links to click on so they may be phishing emails. If you receive one, please delete it and do not reply.
Now to end my message with some music. Last week the octogenarian rock group – the Rolling Stones – released a new song. Many of us are Stones fans, so turn up the volume, shut the door, watch and listen. Here it is!
The Rotary Club of Northbridge gratefully acknowledges our major Fireworks sponsor
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Club Meeting News - 19 September 2023
President Luke welcomed everyone, including our Guest Speaker, Chris Ireland, and a guest of Richard McDonald, Volker Kubler.
Ian Burnet proposed the toast to the RC of Casablanca. Established in 1930 and now with 45 members, the Club’s focus is on Maternal and Clinical Health. It has a Rotary Caravan that provides 32 doctors, 55 first aiders and 33 volunteers, seeing 973 patients in the last year.
The Club also has a team in Morocco to determine how best to distribute Shelterboxes following the recent earthquake there.

President Luke thanked PE Peter Russell for standing in for him while he was away. Luke also welcomed Alan Hession back following his shoulder surgery. He also announced that the Club will be very sad to lose John Turner and Rob Coote who are both moving to regional NSW for family reasons.


Richard McDonald announced that a District Grant of $3,000 had been received, matching our funds of $3,000 to fund a project in PNG, undertaken with the Rotary Club of Boroko, to build school desks for the new Erema Primary School.


Michelle Barry announced that bookings for the Movie Night, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3”, on Sunday 15 October, should be promoted to family and friends.


Ian Burnet asked members to donate to Shelterbox given the demands to come from Maui, Morocco and Libya.


Sally O’Neill asked for a few more Volunteers for the Bunnings BBQ on Sunday 1 October 2023.


Helen Gulson told members that our final meeting of the year on 12 December would be a Breakfast meeting to be held at Northbridge Golf Club. Details will follow.


Finally, Richard McDonald introduced his neighbour, Volker Kubler, to members. He and his family have just moved to Sydney from the USA. Volker was a member of a US Rotary Club for 10 years but unfortunately has already joined the RC of Sydney Cove! He did suggest however that his wife may be interested in joining our Club.

Guest Speaker - Chris Ireland - "All Things Considered"


Peter Grinter introduced our guest Speaker, Chris Ireland, who has spoken to us previously about one of his passions - support of the residents of Greenway Towers, Kirribilli. His return to Northbridge Rotary was intended to be an update of his long term project “All Things Considered”.


Chris is a commercial photographer, but also specialises in depicting life’s real characters. He uses photographic exhibitions to raise social awareness of emotionally sensitive issues. One of these is Social Housing, hence his connection to Greenway.


Exploring the stories of some of the Greenway residents, Chris questions a widely held myth that people bring circumstances upon themselves, presenting a complex, intimate and personal account of life as told by the 3 photographed subjects he had on display.


Peter thanked Chris for his presentation which showed us the progress of his project which has now spanned over 10 years.

With thanks to Sally O'Neill
A little bit of humour .....
Some Dad Jokes ...
  • I grilled a chicken for two hours. It still wouldn't tell me why it crossed the road...
  • Albert Einstein was a genius. But his brother Frank was a monster.
  • I got tired of retirement, so I started working in a Bank. But I only lasted one day before I got fired. An old lady came into the branch and asked about her balance … so I pushed her over! 
  • I can't believe someone broke into my house and stole my fruit. I am peachless...
  • Guess who I bumped into on the way to getting my glasses fixed? Everybody...
  • My boss asked me why I only get sick on work days. I said it must be my weekend immune system...
  • How do you deal with a sad astronaut? Just give them some space.
If anyone has any fun facts, jokes or funny stories, feel free to send them to me for the humour section of the Bulletin? Email them to

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