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Club Bulletin News 23 January 2024



President Luke opened the meeting welcoming everyone including our guest Mia Bell. The meeting was a forum night focusing on club membership and the need to increase our member numbers. 



The toast was given by John Garrett on behalf of Bob Edwards who could not be present. He toasted the Rotary Club of Taree, which was founded in 1937 and has 30 members. It has erected and maintained a peace pole in St Helens Park, supported ShelterBox and prepared and forwarded school kits for kids in the Congo.




President Luke then told us about his cruise to Tasmania on the Queen Elizabeth. He noted that the ship held a Rotary meeting on board with a group called Rotarians at Sea. Luke attended the meeting which saw five Rotarians attending.


Sally O’Neill advised that the club has a Bunnings BBQ scheduled at Chatswood East on Sunday, 3 March. Sally will not be in attendance and is looking for members to help ensure the day runs smoothly.


Malcom Lye advised that a member of Northbridge Probus, who has previously made a $5,000 donation to our club, has again most generously donated another $2,000 to support our work.


Enzo Smith announced that on Friday, 2 February he and Michelle Barry will be distributing posters for the club’s Super Lottery to local businesses in the area and invited other members to volunteer.


Helen Gulson reminded the members of the club’s 40th anniversary dinner on Tuesday, February 6.  56 tickets had now been sold but more were available.  There is to be a band and the dress code is smart casual.


David Robertson then showed a magnificent tapa poster given to him by the Rotary club of Lautoka when he was last in Fiji for the support and the work that he and our club has done in Fiji. David presented the poster to the International Director.


Club Forum - Managing Membership and ways to increase members

Peter McNair, as membership director, then conducted a club forum on the issue of membership with each table answering a series of questions on the subject. There was much discussion and each table presented a summary of their outcomes. There is a real need for every member to work towards bringing in new members as our club numbers are depleting.

Kim Wilkins
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