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Northbridge Golf Club
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Club Service Duty Roster
Mar 30, 2021
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Apr 06, 2021
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Apr 13, 2021
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Rotary Golf Day
Apr 10, 2021
Bookstall at Plaza
Apr 18, 2021
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Comedy for a Cause - Northbridge Golf Club
Apr 22, 2021
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Quiz Night at Northbridge Golf Club
Jun 24, 2021
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
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The Rotary Club of Northbridge gratefully acknowledges the generous sponsorship of Northbridge Plaza
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Club Meeting News - 23 March 2021
President Kevin welcomed members, guest speaker Tony Hockey, and returning guest Sabina Allman.
Helen Gulson proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Cairns Sunrise/Business Networking which is part of an international network of business, professional and community leaders. Members have a choice of two dynamic meetings each week - 6.30pm-7.30pm on Mondays and 7am-8am on Tuesdays. Their main fundraising source is a monthly market day held at Palm Cove.
Jon Gidney spoke about the President Elect training meeting he attended, and about Rotary's priority of increasing membership. There has been a significant reduction of membership in recent years and the number of clubs has gone from 85 to 72, albeit due to amalgamations. The objective is to improve membership by 2022.
Jon also spoke at length about Rotary's policy about conflict and harassment. For further details, an email was circulated to all members on Wednesday about Rotary's harassment policy.
Sally O'Neill spoke about Comedy for a Cause on 22 April which has 38 people attending so far. The target is for an audience of 100 so please encourage friends, neighbours and family to attend.
Alan Hession is calling for Raffle Prizes for the event so if you can make a contribution of a prize, please contact Alan.
There is to be a Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, 18 April so please contact Sally if you are able to help.
Kim Wilkins thanked all those who volunteered at the bookstall at which $598 was raised. The next bookstall will be held on 18 April as well, so please let Kim know if you can help. If you are able to contribute time to both the BBQ and the bookstall that would be great.
Peter Grinter reported on the Rostrum Voice of Youth held on 22 March at Cammeraygal. He thanked all those who volunteered and said that the caliber of speakers was excellent. The organisation was a little haphazard but this is the first year it has been held at Cammeraygal.
President Kevin spoke about the Rotary Golf Day on 10 April, and the Dementia Cafe which commences on 28 April.
Liz Grey spoke about being contacted by a psychologist who has asked if Rotary could assist a client who lives locally with mobility and mental health problems who cannot get needed assistance, despite NDIS support. The person is in need of a Live Life Personal Alarm which costs $530. As this cannot be given from Rotary funds, she asked for individual contributions from members and a bucket was passed around at the meeting for this purpose.
Guest Speaker - Tony Hockey - The Kangaroo Express
John Bolton introduced guest speaker Tony Hockey, Convenor of the NSW Branch of the Australian Republican Movement. Tony established the London Forum of he ARM whilst working and living there, and once he returned to Australia he established the ARM North Shore Forum.
Tony told us how he became involved with the ARM, and about Australia's progressive history. He said Australia was one of the most multicultural countries in the world with a diverse population united by our democratic values and it was time to evolve to have its own head of state.
He also believes that Queen Elizabeth's first priority is not Australia and that an Australian Head of State who is passionate of about Australia and lives in Australia would better serve us. He discussed the various republican models talked about and the one he believes to be the most suitable. He said Australia has a different identity from 50 years ago and it is time to evolve.
The audience asked many good questions and there was discussion about various republican models around the world and whether there was a need for change.
John thanked Tony for his talk. The issue wasn't resolved at the referendum 22 years ago but he has given us food for though about the future.
Comedy for a Cause
Northbridge Rotary Bookstall is Back in Business
Thanks to Northbridge Plaza management, the Northbridge Rotary Club bookstall is back in business at Northbridge Plaza on the third Sunday of every month from 9am to 5pm.
The Club is selling a range of adult fiction at $3 each plus childrens’ books at $2 each; all in mint condition. 
Books can be purchased with cash or via credit card. As always, all of the money raised from these sales goes to a range of worthy causes. 
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