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Comedy for a Cause - Northbridge Golf Club
Apr 22, 2021
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Quiz Night at Northbridge Golf Club
Jun 24, 2021
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Corporate Fundraiser, at Northbridge Golf Club
Jul 13, 2021
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Club Meeting News - 13 April 2021
President Kevin welcomed guest speaker Diane Grady AO, Marie Rennie, Momo Ohtani, Sabina Allman, Peter McDonald and Maggie Shanahan.
John Garrett proposed a toast to the RC of Booroowa, a town of 1350 people known for its wine and quality wool. It holds an annual Irish Woolfest and a running of the sheep. Chartered in 1960, the club has 12 members who appear very active with organising a community growers & makers market, and supportsing the town’s Ugandan refugees in the community.
Luke Keighery gave an update of the Footy Competition.
President Kevin reminded members of the upcoming Bookstall and Rotary BBQ being held concurrently on Sunday, 18 April, and of Comedy for a Cause on Thursday, 22 April at the Golf Club. So far 90 people have booked to attend, and for those who have not yet booked, you can do so online at .
The D-Café is due to start on 28 April and there are a number of people from the community already registered to attend.
Paul Sullivan updated members on the results of the Rotary Golf Day held on 10 April. There were 150 starters and the day netted $3,700. Paul thanked everyone who assisted on the day, which was a resounding success.
New Member Induction
At the meeting President Kevin inducted Maggie Shanahan as a new member of the RC of Northbridge. She was duly welcomed by all members with a standing ovation.
Guest Speaker - Diane Grady, AO - The Hunger Project
Sally O’Neill introduced guest speaker Diane Grady, AO
Diane has a very impressive resume and she spoke on the topic of The Hunger Project Australia for which she is the Chairperson. She is also on the Board of Directors of Macquarie Group and Tennis Australia as well as being on the Advisory Board of Head Over Heels, a group that supports women entrepreneurs. She has been a long-time advocate of enabling leadership opportunities for women.
Changing the mindset
Diane talked about the “mindset shift” which is at the heart of The Hunger Project’s programs. The Project’s vision, commitment and action workshops help communities envision a future of their own making. She said they believe that every person has a right to be the author of his or her own development. Their workshops serve to inspire individuals to move from “I can’t” to “I can” to “We can”.
Diane asked us to imagine growing up in a village, living in hunger and poverty. It’s all you have ever known. It’s like that now and it has always been like that. The future looks like an extension of the past. Interrupting that way of thinking and showing what the future could look like is the silver bullet to what The Hunger Project (THP) does.
“The Hunger Project is about helping individuals to shift into a mindset that says they can actually solve their own hunger… The first thing you have to do is get an individual to shift their behaviour, and if you get enough individuals to shift their behaviours then the entire village will change.”  – Michael Rennie, Global Leader – Organisational Practice, McKinsey & Co.
Epicentre Strategy
Diane spoke of THP’s Epicentre Strategy in Africa whereby a village or a cluster of villages is inspired to act to meet their own basic needs. They organise facilitators to work with villages to identify their needs and create their own opportunities to achieve them. The villages can be supported by THP for up to 10 years.
Diane told us individual stories of how couples had become self-sufficient by changing their mindset; and how one village changed its mindset and started a medical centre. Others grouped together to have solar lighting and latrines installed. Another village, after a period of 5 years, no longer needed THP’s assistance and was even producing merchandise for sale to other villages in the district. Yet another village’s empowerment strategy was to build a community hall and start a bank.
Diane talked about returning to poverty stricken villages in Malawi after a few years of guidance from THP to find them transformed.
Enabling individuals and villages to solve their own problems empowers them to transform from waiting for handouts to creating opportunities to feed and care for their families and communities in a sustainable way.
The Hunger Project has 123 epicentres across eight African countries and has reached 1.8 million people with their unique epicentre strategy.
Sally O’Neill thanked Diane for such an informative and interesting talk and there were many questions from the members.
Ros Virtue
If anyone has any jokes or funny stories, feel free to send them to me for the humour section of the Bulletin! 
Comedy for a Cause
Northbridge Rotary Bookstall is Back in Business
Thanks to Northbridge Plaza management, the Northbridge Rotary Club bookstall is back in business at Northbridge Plaza on the third Sunday of every month from 9am to 5pm.
The Club is selling a range of adult fiction at $3 each plus childrens’ books at $2 each; all in mint condition. 
Books can be purchased with cash or via credit card. As always, all of the money raised from these sales goes to a range of worthy causes. 
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