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November is Rotary Foundation
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Club Meeting News
President Kevin - introduced our Guest speaker, Noel Child, as well as our other guests Jane Lovett-Cameron, Momoe Ohtani, and Ian Jones.
President Kevin commence with a welcome to Country and acknowledgements of country and the traditional owners of the land.
Toast - Malcom Lye toasted the Rotary club of St Petersburg. The Club commenced 22 years ago and the club has implemented more than 40 community projects. There are 4 other Rotary clubs in St Petersburg and 77 in Russia.
President Kevin advised that there is a Board meeting this Thursday 19 November 2020.  He also advised still looking for volunteers for the dementia café in Crows Nest.  Sally has circulated the Xmas raffle roster.  Alan Hession advised we have 13 raffle prizes but need a wow prize. 
Valda Andrews advised that it was Rotary Foundation month and for us to think about becoming a Centurion for $100 and it is easy to donate on Rotary website.
Jon Gidney advised there was a QR code reader on the table and for us to use the code to complete a survey or President Kevin advised that the secretary would send through a survey to complete 17 questions and could we complete and get back to him by the end of the week
Guest Speaker - Noel Child
Bob Edwards introduced Noel Child. Noel is a successful respected business and technical professional with over 40 years’ experience in a variety of senior public and private sector appointment and assignments.  He has extensive experience with both the economic and environmental aspects of road tunnel infrastructure projects.  He spoke on the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches link projects.
Noel showed the map of the tunnels and the western Harbour Tunnel and beaches link.  There are 14 km of tunnels in both projects.
Noel spoke of the longitudinal ventilation “Push” proposed and the emissions from the stacks.  There will be 3 stacks close together and no treatment proposed.  Noel thought may get better with electric cars however commercial trucks are a problem and he could not see that getting better in the near future regarding pollution in the tunnels and from the stacks.
State Government has significant projects and Planning NSW have taken on board part of this project.  NSW Government seeking private sector partnership.
There have been many submissions from community and the impact of the tunnels in relation to congestion, green space, construction, air quality and value for money.
NSW Government may be short of money due to COVID-19 and may delay this project or may prioritise it to promote jobs and improve the economy.
Project timeline:
  • Preliminary planning – 2015-2017
  • Initial design – March 2017
  • Statement significant infrastructure application – November 2017
  • Proposed reference design – 26 July 2018
  • Community engagement – 26 July – 1lDecember 2018
  • Environmental assessment – WE ARE HERE
Air Quality
This is an issue.  In the tunnels air quality and stack emissions should be prioritised.
Longitudinal ventilation which we use to ventilate in our tunnels is a problem after 3km.  3 emission stacks at Parkes Road Artarmon, Ernest Street North Sydney and North Sydney Bowling Club could be an issue for air quality and the stacks being very close together.
Air quality is a concern due to the number of pollutants especially 3 close together.  Options clean air in tunnel with minimum pollutant stacks and appropriate ventilation. 
Overseas experience Japan established where the air was cleaned every 1.5km.
Key Consideration
Rights to be prioritised.  Treat public as a genuine stakeholder, good process essential and air quality to get it right.  We need better processes and management.
Bob Edwards thank Noel for a highly informative talk.
Malcolm Lye conducted the Sargent sessions
Northbridge Rotary Community Food Drive 2020
Saturday 26 September shone a bright light over Northbridge. From first light they came bearing gifts of love – by car and on foot, trailing children, dogs and each other. The blue uniformed brigade of Northbridge Rotary was there to meet them – about 40 in all, bright eyed and Covid safe. From early morning the first shift was beginning to receive and unload a continuous flow of non-perishable food supplies, making sure the donors went away with a smile. Northbridge Rotary’s Community Food Drive was in full swing.
By mid-morning, the alcoves and stairs of St. Marks Anglican Church Memorial Hall in Malacoota Road were bulging with rows of food boxes and packed shopping bags. The pace ebbed and flowed as people trailed in and out. When the two charity collection vans from Taldumande Youth Services and StreetWork had departed fully laden late that afternoon, there was still a supply of food remaining and Oz Harvest obliged with a collection of the remaining donations the following morning.
In all, it is estimated the Northbridge and North Shore community contributed to over a tonne of non-perishable food supplies that filled over 100 boxes and 50 shopping bags – enough for 2,400 meals or sufficient to feed a needy family of four for 18 months.
Liz de Rome, Taldumande’s Grants, Community and Volunteers Officer summed the impact of this event up perfectly:
“I wanted to share that as we dropped off bags and boxes of food to our young people, they were so grateful for their generous parcel. This morning, one young girl nearly cried (and me) as she couldn’t believe her luck. She wasn’t sure how she was going to make ends meet this week. The generosity of the community and Northbridge Rotarians has helped fill the pantries of our young people and they’re so grateful.”
The final comment belongs to the Northbridge Rotary event organiser, Eleanor Chevor: “What a day!”
Northbridge Rotary Provides Local and Overseas Disaster Assistance
Local and international humanitarian disasters have become the new norm and the Rotary Club of Northbridge has been involved in assisting wherever possible. Recently COVID-19 has received the bulk of media attention. Before that it was the eastern seaboard drought and bushfires. Then, in April, Cyclone Harold devastated parts of Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga.
COVID-19 has considerably reduced Northbridge Rotary’s 2020 fundraising capability, including cancellation of its major fundraiser, the annual fireworks. Prior to this, the Club had raised $29,580 to aid those areas in NSW affected by the bushfires and drought.
With some of its remaining funds, the Club has committed $22,500 towards building a Community Pavilion at Kiah on the NSW south coast and repairing gardens around the Boomerang Centre in severely fire-damaged Mogo near Batemans Bay.
The Kiah Pavilion was completed 25th July and an official opening is planned for 8 August and we hope some members of Northbridge will be able to attend.
There is a story on the Rotary Club of Merimbula website if you would like to take a look please click on the link below.
Internationally, the Club has been asked to assist in the fight against COVID-19 by the Rotary Club of Kathmandu in Nepal.
Covid-19 cases have increased significantly in Nepal since late May with tens of thousands of migrant workers returning home from India and Nepal commencing a phased reopening in mid-June. 
With the assistance of other local Rotary Clubs, Northbridge Rotary has been able to donate $10,000 to help with the purchase of PPE equipment for medical staff, installing hand washing stations in strategic locations and supplying food for orphanages and others in need, as the photo(s)on this page illustrate.
Peter Russell
Publicity Director
THE 4 - WAY TEST of the things we say or do

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