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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Robert Coote
July 1
Noel Phelan
July 6
Kim Wilkins
July 20
John Bolton
July 21
Geoff Duggin
July 31
Susan Law
July 31
Spouse Birthdays
John Bolton
July 21
Join Date
Douglas Herridge
July 3, 1984
36 years
John Weingarth
July 3, 1984
36 years
Derek Matz
July 9, 2013
7 years
Karin Eurell
July 9, 2013
7 years
Geoff Duggin
July 10, 2007
13 years
Paul Sullivan
July 20, 1993
27 years
Bob Farrar
July 25, 2000
20 years
Mike Cocks
July 30, 1996
24 years
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2020-2021 Changeover
President Malcolm welcomed all club members, partners and guests ADG Ward Pollard and ADGE John Zhang to the RCN 2020-2021 Changeover Meeting.
ADG Ward Pollard briefly addressed the members and proposed a toast to Rotary International.
The three 2019-2020 presidents each gave a report.
President Peter Antaw – the Drought President – spoke of his very busy term and highlighted the Gala Dinner for RI President Mark Maloney and the Zoo project, working with the RC of Wellington and promoted by Susan Law. He said the Zoo visits for the children of Dubbo, during which 27 members and partners from our club travelled to Wellington to help out, was the talk of the town and appreciated by everyone in the district. He also spoke about the International Committee’s efforts with the Ermera Project in Timor L’Este and the blood analyzer for Laos. The visit of the Show Ponies to the club and the two musicians from the SSO, Harpist Louise Johnston & Flautist Janet Webb, were particular highlights. He is proud that the club continues to be vibrant and active.
President Peter Grinter – the Bushfire President – re-capped on the club’s activities with regards the bushfires that raged between November and February during his term as president. He spoke of our assistance to those who suffered the bushfires on both the north and south coasts and the funds raised by the efforts of all members under the co-ordination of John Garrett which raised over $50k through bucket appeals, bookstalls, Probus donations, private donations, and donations from two clubs in Japan. Between all this, we enjoyed fellowship at the club Christmas party in December and a dinner at Infuzions in January.
President Malcolm Lye – the COVID-19 President – said that his term as president was a very strange time for everyone. He Chaired the Pride of Workmanship awards organized by Garth Carter, one other meeting and one board meeting before the lockdown. All fundraising had to be cancelled and plans were made to conduct Zoom meetings, which have been very well attended, a book club was set up by Kim Wilkins, and emails and call trees organized to keep members connected. Luke Keighery and Liz Grey co-ordinated a plan for COVID-19 support to Nepal through the RC of Kathmandu, Rob Coote liaised with south coast Rotary clubs and the funds have been distributed. The work on building the Kiah Pavilion, near Eden, has commenced which will be an important asset to that community. Sally O’Neill and Eleanor Chevor have organized Dining for a Cause and Eleanor has raised money with her Knits for a Cause.  
All in all, President Malcolm said that the Club had stayed well connected and he thanked everyone for their efforts during what has been a very unique and challenging time.
Peter Antaw thanked Liz Grey for her assistance to all three presidents which has been appreciated by them, and also thanked Bob Farrar for his constant work on the website and bulletin.
Peter Grinter said a Bushfire “Do It Now Award” should be awarded to Barry Anderson and John Garrett for their efforts with fundraising!
Malcolm Lye said that Luke Keighery and his International team had an exceptional year with their efforts in Indonesia and Nepal during the year. He also thanked Don Landers for his great efforts in keeping the club connected during the lockdown with his jokes and entertaining web links.
Valda Andrews then presented Paul Harris Recognition awards to two members:
  • Kim Wilkins - for his tireless work in the area of fundraising, especially with the co-ordination and setting up of the bookstall each month. He also initiated the club’s first online Zoom Book Club during the pandemic which is attended by a number of club members.
  • Helen Gulson - for her work in Club Service in producing the club bulletin each week and managing the weekly attendance over the past few years.
Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney then gave an address. She congratulated the award winners and the Club for its work during the year and spoke about the stressful times being experienced by so many in the community over the past few months. She mentioned the various services which have been provided to the community by Willoughby Council – meals on wheels, the linen service, wellness calls, etc, as well the 30 virtual online programs provided by the Library and WSO.
President Malcolm thanked Mayor Gail for her address and proceeded with the induction Kevin Tattrie as the 2020-2021 President of Northbridge Rotary.
President Kevin thanked the Trio of Presidents for their work during a particularly challenging year. He said the theme for 2020-2021 is “Rotary Opens Opportunities” and he is confident of a successful year ahead with endless possibilities. He is committed to working with the Board and with planning new events in the key areas of membership, public image, community and International. He said the first meeting back at Northbridge Golf Club will be on 14 July and is looking forward to working as president and a rewarding year ahead. He then introduced the new board:
Ranald Stewart   -   Vice President
Malcolm Lye   -   Immediate Past President
Liz Grey   -   Secretary
Jon Gidney   -   Treasurer & President Elect
Peter Grinter   -   Membership
Peter McNair   -   Club Service
Susan Law   -   Youth
Eleanor Chevor   -   Community Service
Sally O'Neill   -   Fundraising
Garth Carter   -   Vocational
Valda Andrews   -   Foundation
Luke Keighery   -   International
Peter Russell   -   Public Relations
An email was received from Andy Thorp, President of RC of Merimbula as follows:
“Work on the Kiah Pavilion has been progressing well with the slab laid on Saturday, 27 June 2020. All is going well with the structure and the fittings will be complete before the end of July, leaving only the landscaping to finish the project. We were lucky enough to host a visit to the site by Peter McNair from the Rotary Club of Northbridge on Wednesday, 24 June 2020. The Rotary Club of Northbridge is a key partner in the project, contributing half of the project costs.  Friends in Sydney helping our local community recover.”
Eleanor Chevor’s Knits for a Cause campaign has around 20 hand-knitted items such as toys, scarves, hanging mobiles and beanies which will be delivered to the Rotary Club of Wellington for them to give to Dr Barnardo Homes which they support. The will be delivered to them by Kim Wilkins in early July. Thanks Eleanor!
We also received this email below from Liz de Rome of Taldumande. You may recall that we recently assisted an HSC student with her major work:
 ‘Northbridge Rotary Club supported Client 43 with funds for her major works this year which has been very helpful. Although Client 43 is not yet near done with her major works, she has attended the open day for a private university/college AIE - Academy of Interactive Entertainment. She then completed an interview for 2021 enrollment where she was accepted and offered a place on the spot during the interview. Entry to this university is based on profile/portfolio only. Client 43 is thrilled to be studying her passion, game design, and excited that she knows what she is going to be doing across the next two years - a form of stability she hasn't had in quite some time! 
Rotary played a part in helping Client 43 afford and complete her major works for year 12, some of which were included in her portfolio and contributed to her entry into the university. Please send a big thank you to the rotary team for being a part of this process for her. They have given her talent the resources she needed to get there!’
Thank you for continuing to support our young people and for making it that much easier for them to get on with their studies so they can make real and significant changes in their lives.”
It is always satisfying to see the results of our club's contributions in making a difference to others' lives, especially those of young people.
Talented Rotarian Finds a Way to Combat Cabin Fever & Put Self-Isolation to a Good Cause.
COVID 19 has severely impacted the ability of Northbridge Rotary Club to raise monies to support our various Charities, so one of our talented Rotarians has found a way to
combat cabin fever & put self-isolation to a good cause.
She has been busy knitting various children’s items from headbands, baby comforters, owl mobiles, snail cushions, toy animals & scarves.
These would make ideal gifts for children, grandchildren or those of friends & relatives and you would be helping our Rotary Club with much needed funds.
Another option if you don’t have anyone to gift to, then choose an item and we’ll donate it to a child in our country areas which has been devastated by the droughts, bushfires and now the virus! Many of these families would not have the spare cash nor the ability to purchase their children a gift for that special occasion. Every item will come with a gift tag stating that the knit has been hand-made by a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Northbridge.
As these gifts are knitted to order you have the option of choosing your own colours.
Looking forward to your support.
The cost of these knitted items have been generously donated and prices range from $10 to $40.
Photos and costs of these knits are below (or on the next page)
You can make your payment directly to Northbridge Rotary’s Charity Account - BSB 032 199, Account 901063 and then email your order to Eleanor -
1). "Flower Headband" 38cm circumference: $10             2). Octopus Monster, 35cm: $15
3). Dog Baby Comforter, 20cm: $15                                4). Owl Hanging Mobile, each owl 7cm x 5cm beaded hanger $30
5). Snail Cushion, 35cm dia: $35                                      6). Fox Scarf, 86cm: $40. 7). Matching Hat $35
8). Triceratops Keyhole Scarf, 82cm: $40.                         10). Snake Key Hole Scarf, 170cm:$35
9). Matching Toy, 46cm: $40
11). Rabbit Key Hole Scarf, 82cm: $40                              12). T-Rex Key Hole Scarf, 95cm: $40
13). T-Rex Toy, 40cm: $40                                              14). Jester Teddy Bear, 42cm: $40
15). Cheeky Monkey, 35cm: $30                                      16). Snake Blue, 75cm: $30
17). Snake Orange & Green, 75cm: $30               18). Sloth Plant Hanger (plant not included), 18cm: $30
Your Invitation to become a Romac Friend
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Rotary Peace Fellowship Scholarship
The Rotary Club of Northbridge is offering a Peace Scholarship in 2020-21
The Rotary Peace Fellowship is the premier educational program of The Rotary Foundation and supports Rotary’s mission to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace. It is intended for individuals who have chosen a career related to international relations, peace, and conflict resolution; who have work experience in these areas; and who have a commitment to community or international humanitarian service and working for peace.
These links explain the scholarships and where they are offered.
Applicants should consider the objectives and criteria carefully before applying.
This scholarship program is fully funded by The Rotary Foundation.
To discuss this opportunity please contact Valda Andrews
Email: or Call on 0416 576 669.
Applications for the Rotary Peace Fellowship to the Rotary Club of Northbridge, PO Box 80, Northbridge, NSW 2063, by 30 May 2020.”
THE 4 - WAY TEST of the things we say or do

1). Is it the TRUTH?

2). Is it FAIR to all concerned?


4). Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?