At a Club meeting held 23 May 2017 President Paul reported that he had received a letter of resignation from long time member  Sydney (Syd) Grolman.  Syd has been a member of the Club for 19 years 6 months ably supported by his dear wife Marcelle.
Syd was inducted into the Club in 1998 after being nominated by President Paul.
He and Paul first met at a bus stop when they were both working in North Sydney, Syd going home to Cammeray and Paul to Northbridge.
Throughout his distinguished service Syd has made a significant contribution to the Club including:
Sailability (Honorary Treasurer 6 years),managing the Club’s annual Bowel Scan programme, organising the Blood Bank’s  periodic visits to Northbridge  for several years, the initiation of the Book Collection Box at the Plaza with all children’s books initially  going to the Indy Kindy Foundation.
In addition he served on the Board of Northbridge Rotary for 5 years in various roles.
Syd was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2007 and the Sapphire Pin in 2012.
Following the acceptance of his resignation the Board in recognition of his exemplary service and resolved to award him an Honorary Membership.