23rd  October 2017-10-30
Liz and Ros first day in Kathmandu seeing the damage caused by the earthquake to the many historical buildings.
24th October 2017
Meeting the Denmark rotary group and the manager of NGO who we work with in Nepal
25th October 2017
Great day visiting Days for Girls in Kathmandu and ordering 80 kits to take to the school. Not only does this give work to women in Kathmandu but educate the girls
26th October 2017
Dhulikhel resort overlooking valley have seen corn being dried at the temple, sheep and cows in the Main Street and beautiful buildings now decaying, and corn being looked after in the street. Liz thought the old lady was probably younger than we are!!!!!
1st November 2017
We did not make the trek to Sagar-bhakange. After a gruelling 12 hour Jeep ride from Kathmandu on the worst road including getting past a broken down truck next to a precipice in the rain, and a sleepless night On hard boards in a squalid Guest house, Liz decided that the trek was beyond her limited stamina and Ros was certainly not enjoying it. Then it rained and the road back to Kathmandu was closed, but that’s another story.