On the 22nd August 2017 the Club had the privilege of having as our guest speaker, Trent Zimmerman, MP Federal member for North Shore.  Trent spoke of his life in the past 18 months as a new MP and the issues facing Australia.  He said “nothing had prepared me for life as an elected member, the lack of anonymity, busy committee work, communications with Ministers, party room, colleagues and Opposition members and time in the electorate.
He advised that he was optimistic about Australia’s future because of its stability and security, diversity and high living standards.
He see the main challenges:
  1. Competitiveness of Australia’s industries.  He expects Australia’s main growth to be in the service industries and agriculture and see a need for lower company taxes and more free Trade Agreement.
  2. Maintaining health care and pensions for Australia’s ageing populations.
  3. Increasing cost of energy as Australia tries to combat climate change.  He see “technology as our friend” with solar costs reducing and providing secure affordable energy.