Jan 22, 2019 6:30 PM
Michelle Barry
NICU Food from the Heart

In 2016 Michelle created NICU Food with another local mum, after having both identified a need for care and support for parents with babies in the RNSH neonatal intensive care unit. Some of these parents and carers are in hospital for up to 16 weeks with not provision of nutritional food.

NICU Food provides support to the Unit in a number of ways;

- Creating a Breakfast bar, launching on the 23rd January 2017
- Coordinating fundraising in order to keep our group sustainable
- Provide wraps and baby clothes, donated by members of our community to the NICU
- Facilitate the donation of hand made cot covers and privacy screens
- Consult with local hairdressers to donate hair wash and blowdry treatments for the mums
- Currently identifying students to provide massage treatments for the parents in the NICU 
and in a range of other ways

In 2018 NICU Food’s operations were brought together with the “Life’s Little Treasures Foundation”.

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By profession Michelle is a workplace Health and Safety Nurse / Consultant and she is a Castlecrag local