Sep 10, 2019 6:30 PM
Judy Charnaud
Days for Girls / Sustainable Villages

Judith Charnaud is a Rotarian who has lived in East Timor for the past 14 years, in a very remote area called Oecusse .

This is a small part of East Timor which is not actually attached to East Timor but rather it is situated in Indonesian West Timor! . Judy will speak about plans for a SewAID project in Oecusse (teaching a variety of sewing skills, including school uniforms, dressmaking, school curriculums) and Days for Girls. Women and girls in remote areas lose 5 days of education every month, simply because they lack access to basic hygiene options. Days for Girls gives these days back through sustainable feminine hygiene kits that last for 2-4 years.