Sep 17, 2019 6:30 PM
Steve Tucker
Ethics in the Finance Industry

Steve is Chairman and co-founder of KODA Capital, a private wealth advice partnership. and Executive Chairman of Prodigy Investment Partners, a multi-boutique funds management incubator.  Steve has worked in wealth management for over 30 years, comencing as an economics graduate at MLC in Perth under the ownership of Lend Lease, then running MLC's advice networks, leading MLC Investments and finally taking over as CEO in 2004. He was appointed to the Group Executive of NAB in 2009 and was Group Executive for MLC and NAB Wealth until 2013. 

Steve is also a founding Director of The Banking and Finance Oath. The Oath is an industry initiative to improve our society by building trust and confidence in the finance industry, by re-asserting the moral and ethical foundation of the industry beyond regulation, compliance and any professional standards, and by broadening expectations and discussion to include ethics, integrity, honesty and trust.

Steve lives in Castlecrag.